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Welcome to Downloader Tool. Blogspot video downloader is a part of the service of Downloader Tool. Blogspot is a blogger platform. Every blogger obviously knows about, because blogger is a free blogging platform. And Blogger has a beautiful interface for their users. is a free and open platform for every blogger which are providing by Google. 

Blogspot or blogger is the best choice for those people who are feeling very interested and feel good writing an internet blog.

Nowadays Blogspot is providing video and image blogs also. A Blogger is making their blog more beautiful by providing a video blog. By Thinking this we make this blogger video downloader or Blogspot video downloader tool on the internet. And you know, it's very simple to download a Blogspot video from the downloader tool.

Now, let's jump to the step by step process.

The Blogspot video downloader is very simple 

1. First of all, go to the blog post and copy the post URL from the URL bar. Check the URL have ""

2. Then, Paste the URL on the

3. And Then, You will find different resolution videos on the page with the download button. Then, just click on the download button to start the download.

4. Be aware of that, the post must have a video on the post otherwise it will not able to extract the download link.


What is Blogger Video downloader?

I am sure you already know that blogger and Blogspot are the same. Both are the same but a little bit different in their name. And Yes you can download any video from also. And Downloader Tool is providing Blogger video downloader also.

And the Download process already discusses at the top. There has no difference.

If you are a regular blogger video downloader then bookmark this page on your browser. It will help you in the future. And Downloader Tool is also providing more tools like Imgur video downloader, Facebook video downloader, Twitter Video downloader,

And More Tools.

So, Why you are waiting? Share this tool with your other friends and start your hard life easy by using blogger video downloader and Downloader Tool.


Free Online Video Downloader

The Download process is very simple. 

First of all, You need to Copy any video or photos url from your desire social media. And Then Paste the url on the Link Box. Then click download button. Then you will find different type of resolution then click download button. Then your download will get started.

The screenshot will be coming soon.